Established in the UK in 2000, Charles & Johnes specialises
in offering a comprehensive array of technical, digital, and
PR marketing services tailored for businesses.

Progressive and Dynamic Company

Our team comprises highly talented individuals motivated by a collective passion for our craft. We staunchly uphold the virtues of creativity and forward-thinking, principles that resonate through every endeavour we undertake.

Since our inception in 2000, we have been providing our expertise and counsel, accumulating a diverse clientele spanning private and public sector enterprises across the UK and worldwide.

At Charles & Johnes, our primary aim is to provide the utmost quality of service to each of our clients.

By tailoring strategies to meet individual client requirements and offering comprehensive support throughout the process, we accompany you every step of the way on your path to achieving business growth. Whether it involves cloud infrastructure, mobile app development, or search engine marketing, our team of specialists possesses the expertise to enhance your business, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and enhance efficiency.

Our Experts

Our amiable team of specialists is unfailingly eager to assist and committed to achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients. At Charles & Johnes, we take immense pride in our work and continually hone our skills to provide the latest expertise and competitive service. Meet our entire team personally; we value forging robust professional relationships with our clients, underscoring the significance of acquainting you with the personalities behind our company.

Charles & Johnes Through the Years

We boast a longstanding reputation in our selected technologies. Since 2000, we have partnered with a diverse clientele of private and public sector enterprises, delivering web and data solutions across the UK and worldwide.


Harness the depth of our consultants' insights and expertise to elevate your business. C & J provides a comprehensive suite of consultancy services tailored to reviewing and optimising your business processes, encompassing IT, data protection, and quality assurance.


From websites and online shops to web portals and mobile apps, our seasoned developers excel in crafting bespoke solutions. Whether in established or emerging languages and frameworks, we stand ready to bring your ideas to fruition with our expert development services.

Digital Marketing

We tailor bespoke marketing strategies to align perfectly with your business and objectives. Our team utilises SEO, PPC, Social Media Content Marketing, Media Buying, and other channels to enhance your brand presence and realise your aspirations.


Enhance the security and reliability of your systems and ensure seamless business continuity with our technical prowess. We offer consultancy, adhoc support, and managed services to cultivate the success of your enterprise.